Single Mom Inspires with Post about Finding Stable Job, Buying Own House at 23

A single mom inspires with her post about finding a stable job and buying her own house at 23, acknowledging that despite the difficulties, people like her can do it.

Single Mom Finds Stable Job, Buys Own House at 23

Life is difficult for most people, but it can be doubly hard for single parents who have to work doubly hard to raise their kids, especially if they don’t get support from the other parent.

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Photo credit: Ellen Jean Samson Tenoria

Ellen Jean Samson Tenoria bought her own house at 23 – but she didn’t grow up rich if that’s what you think the reason might be why she got her house at a young age.

Invest for your own house and lot while you still can,” she shared.

I was 23 years old when I got mine. I’m a Single Mom. Minsan nahihilo ako magbudget ng pera kasi lahat nang responsibilidad na sakin…It was hard at first to manage the expenses but I know it will be worth it in the end.

In her post on Facebook, she explained that she aimed to own a house when she experienced hardships.

Nangungupahan lang din ako dati, and to tell you, hirap ng ganung situation. Yung minsan ka na pinaalis kasi need na erenovate ang bahay tapos wala ka malilipatan agad,” she explained.

Na experience ko na din makitira sa kamag anak, at hnd din madali ang situation ng pakikisama. Kaya naisipan ko na kumuha ng bahay kahit 5 months pregnant ako noon, kinaya ko. My house, my rules. Walang impossible sa taong nagsusumikap.

She realized that having her own house means that she and her son won’t live in the streets when the day comes that she will no longer be able to work.

That mindset helped her direct her finances to the things that matter most, especially a house for her and her child.

It’s okay to treat yourself from time to time, spend your money for what makes you happy but think as well if it is worth wasting your hard-earned money – differentiate your wants and needs. Think as well not just your today but your future. I know the money will not bring 6feet from the ground but your future children will not suffer in the future for what you have left for them,” she explained.

Tyaka na ako mag eenjoy pag stable na lahat…maghirap muna ngayon and then enjoy nalang later…atleast alam ko may napupuntahan pinaghihirapan ko.

Aside from working at a BPO with a permanent work-from-home setup, she also works as a real estate agent and owns an online store.

How to Find Sideline Jobs

There are actually a lot of sideline jobs you can run while keeping your day job. Examples can include freelance writing, turning hobby into an online business, or opening a buy and sell shop.