Soldier’s Proposal to Another Soldier Who Isn’t His GF Goes Viral

These days, we see a lot of proposals going viral on social media. There are proposals that are so lavish and grand that only the truly rich people could ever afford them, such as that guy who asked his girlfriend’s hand in marriage after giving her a pink car!

But unique proposals are also becoming a huge hit, even ones that don’t need a lot of money to pull off.

And one soldier outdid the others – not only did he not spend a lot of money on the proposal, he actually a fellow soldier to be his wife,even if she isn’t even his girlfriend! LOL. That’s certainly brave of him, right?

In a report by Marisol Abdurahman for 24 Oras, a Special Forces group taking the Basic Airborne Course were undergoing training exercises at Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija.

One of the jumpers is Lt. Amod who fearlessly jumped from the helicopter, landing safely on the ground with the other soldiers.

As Amod and her comrades trooped back to where their instructors are waiting, she was met by another group of soldiers who were carrying a large banner that read, “Will you be my?

At the back was their instructor, carrying a smaller banner that read, “WIFE”. Amod was greatly surprised by the proposal, laughing and shouting,“Bakit ganyan agad?

It turned out that the two are not even together, having met only the previous month. LOL. But you really have to give this guy props for his bravery in making this proposal, considering this soldier isn’t even his girlfriend!

As everyone cheered and somehow tried to make Amod say “Yes”, the young lady asked if it was alright to back out of the agreement afterwards.After making the instructor change the proposal from ‘wife’ to ‘girlfriend’, Amod finally agreed.

Netizens enjoyed the proposal, with some feeling envious because this soldier (with a boy cut!) *just* jumped from a helicopter but she already had a boyfriend/future husband waiting on the ground! Others joked that they are also willing to jump if that meant also finding one waiting for them, too.

Photo credits: Facebook / 24 Oras