Laundry Woman’s Daughter Graduates Magna Cum Laude

Poverty is one of the main reasons why many students in the Philippines fail to finish their studies even in high school or elementary. Still, there are many who belong to poor communities but strove hard to finish their studies, in hopes of providing a better life for their respective families.

One of these inspiring students is Almira Dirain, a scholar who graduated magna cum laude with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in Filipino from St. Peters College of Ormoc City in the Philippines.

In spite of their poverty, Almira worked hard to attain good grades to maintain her scholarship from SVSF. On graduation day, her proud mother walked up the stage with a big smile on her face.

A laundry woman, Almira’s mother told Trending Pinoy Videos that she does not mind what she would be wearing for the ceremony for as long as she gets to hang the medals around her daughter’s neck.

Almira recognized her mother’s efforts in her valedictory address, saying that her mom worked tirelessly so that she could finish her studies. Almira is quite proud and thankful for having a wonderful mother, not feeling one bit of shame (and rightfully so!) that she’s ‘just’ a laundry woman.

What an inspiring story…

Scholarships in School

Many schools offer scholarships for poor but deserving students so they can graduate and have a better life in the future. This is based on the fact that those who finish school do have a better chance of making it and becoming successful.

While most schools have their own scholarships, there are also scholars who are funded by non-school donors, including politicians and various philantropists.