Grandma Spends Hours in Seawater to Sell Seafoods to Support Mentally Ill Daughter

She’s already 85 years old but an elderly woman in Vietnam still spends many hours in seawater to gather and sell seafoods to support her mentally ill daughter.

Nguyen Thi Ro is hailed for her selflessness as she continues to care for her 61-year-old adopted daughter, making sure she earns money to feed them both. She lost her husband many years ago, but this strong woman found a way to earn some money by looking for mussels, cockles, and other shells she can get from the sea.

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Early each morning, Nguyen would already head out to the water so she can have more time to collect the seafoods. She spends many hours soaked in the water to collect more seafoods, but she only gets to gather only a few pounds.

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Still, the seafoods she gathers can help her have some money to buy food, medicines, and other needs for her and her daughter. Sometimes when the seafoods don’t get sold out, she brings these home so she can still have some food for her daughter.

This noble, loving mom often feels tired after a long day at the shore. Moreover, her skin becomes itchy and flaky afterwards, due to prolonged exposure to the murky seawater at their beach. But because she knows there is nothing that she can do to support herself and her daughter in their old age, Nguyen simply has to scratch the itch and go back to the sea the following day.

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Taking pity on this old grandma who they often see at the beach, the locals regularly support her by buying the seafoods she gathers. She feels thankful that the villagers are helping so that she can have some money to buy her daughter’s medication and treatment.

Truly a selfless mother. A lot of people are praying she will find help in finding a better livelihood where she doesn’t have to be soaked in seawater for hours.

Photo credit: The Life Feed

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