Paralyzed Man Finds Help in Abandoned Girl He Adopted as a Baby

Do you believe in good and bad karma – that the things we do come back to us in one way or another?

This is what happened to a farmer named Zheng from Guangdong, China who found help in the abandoned girl he adopted.

Several years ago, Zheng was at a hospital in Guangdong because his wife had a miscarriage. At the same time he was there, a newborn baby girl was abandoned by her parents. Zheng took pity on the baby and decided to adopt her, giving her the name Xiao Qi.

Zheng and his wife never had their own kids but they raised Xiao Qi like their own.

Photo credit: Kwongwah

In 2010, Zheng suffered a stroke due to high blood pressure. This left him paralyzed from the waist down. Due to his condition, his wife would leave him shortly afterwards, leaving him with his old mother and Xiao Qi.

But the old lady was already in her 90s. Xiao Qi had to take care of both her adoptive father and her adoptive grandmother yet the girl did not mind because she loved them.

Two years later, her biological parents tracked her down and said they wanted her back but the young lady refused.

Despite the challenges she face in caring for the two adults in the house, she preferred to stay behind to show her gratitude to Zheng and to repay him for what he did to her when she was abandoned by her biological parents.

In 2015, the old lady died. But Xiao Qi’s troubles weren’t over yet because it turned out that her adoption papers weren’t fully processed by Zheng. She still didn’t choose to go back to her biological parents.

Photo credit: Kwongwah

The two are also relying on financial aid from the government because Zheng has no job due to his condition. Their situation would soon go viral and the two finally got the help they needed, thanks to the local media.

Xiao Qi’s papers were finalized and the public raised enough funds for the two to have a new house to live in, not the tattered house they had at the moment. Several local entrepreneurs also promised to pay for Xiao Qi’s education so her future is all set.