Netizen Shares Inspiring Story of Kid Selling Her Drawings for ‘Baon’

It is a sad reality in the Philippines that millions of kids are poor, with parents who can’t afford to give them ‘baon’ (allowance) for school. Many of these end up finding ways to fill their hungry stomachs during recess time.

While there are kids who go out in the streets to just beg for alms, even if they don’t even go to school, there are also those who do it so they can go to school and have funds for their studies and school needs.

Recently, Twitter user Bryan (@BryTooot) shared how he met a young girl while waiting for a jeep. He was so inspired by this kid’s determination and unique way to ask for ‘baon’ from strangers that he shared the story on Twitter.

According to Bryan, he was somewhere along España, waiting for a jeep, when a little girl went close to him and asked, “Kuya bili ka na ng paintings ko, 5 lang pambaon ko.

(Big brother, please buy my paintings; just Php5 for my allowance.)

Photo credit: BryTooot / Twitter

Touched by the girl’s plea, Bryan asked her to show the paintings to him. The girl handed him a handful of paper filled with different drawings. Despite the girl actually selling drawings, not paintings, Bryan bought something so he could help her.

The drawing was not really much – many might not even consider it a work of art or something worth buying but it was the best this girl could make, and the best way she thought she could earn money without just directly begging from people.

Bryan shared a photo of the drawing, telling the girl to buy delicious food with the money he gave her. Knowing the girl sold the drawing for Php5, some netizens mocked Bryan and asked what delicious food that girl could buy for that money but he revealed that he actually gave the girl half his own allowance but did not disclose how much that was.

Kudos to Bryan for supporting this kid – and good luck, baby girl! Aim high and reach for your dreams!