Graduate Honors Brother Who Sacrificed Own Studies So She Can Go to School

A new graduate honors brother who sacrificed his own studies so she can go to school. The sweet video went viral, with many netizens expressing that they can also relate to these siblings’ story. Can you?

Photo credit: Ying Chanita

Graduate Honors Brother for Sacrifice

In so many places around the world, many poor families have to make sacrifices in order to help each other.

For many children, that means not being able to go to college when they’re supposed to because another sibling is still studying – and having more than one college student is too much for the family to afford.

Recently, Thai TikTok user Ying Chanita (@chnitakotchasit) went viral after she honored her older brother Nattapong Chanita, making him wear her toga, and bowing to him in public to show her gratitude for his sacrifice.

graduate honors brother

Photo credit: Ying Chanita

The 27-year-old Chanita was able to graduate from Nakhon Si Thammarat Rajabhat University because her older brother decided to postpone his own dream by withdrawing from school so she can fulfill hers.

It turned out that Chanita was supposed to graduate in 2018 but financial troubles and the pandemic pushed her dream a little further away from her reach.

In the video that Chanita shared on TikTok, the young lady can be seen removing her own toga and donning this to her surprised brother.

graduate honors brother

Photo credit: Ying Chanita

The young lady also shared some photos of the sweet moment, congratulating herself even as she thanked and honored her brother.

Thank you to this fellow who sacrificed everything for his sister,” she captioned the video.

The brother appears to be holding back his emotions but patted her head as a sign that he acknowledged her sweet gesture.

graduate honors brother

Photo credit: Ying Chanita

Many netizens express support over the video, saying that many of them have also been in a similar situation and are also grateful for their siblings.

Watch the video here:


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Bowing in Asian Cultures

In several Asian countries, including Thailand, Japan, and South Korea, bowing is a commonly used sign of respect.

The bows can vary, ranging from Thailand’s “wai,” a slight bow with hands folded in prayer position, or a full bow on the ground, as can be seen in Chanita’s photo.

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