Grab Rider Receives Free Cake, Huge Tip after Delivery Despite Thunderstorm

A Grab rider receives free cake and a huge tip after making a delivery despite a thunderstorm that hit the city in Malaysia. The generous gesture went viral, with many netizens wishing that everyone else would be as thoughtful as this customer.

Food Delivery Amid COVID Crisis

Despite the COVID-19 crisis that is affecting most, if not all, areas around the world, food delivery continues from restaurants and home businesses.

As such, food delivery riders are also recognized as frontliners. Many customers also offer extra tips to show their appreciation for these riders who risk their lives to provide food for people stuck at home due to the lockdown rules in their respective areas.

Grab rider receives free cake and huge tip

Photo credit: mSTAR / World of Buzz

A food delivery rider in Malaysia named Zulhairi shared the wonderful experience he had with a very generous customer who did not just give him cake but also a huge tip for his service. According to Zulhairi, a customer ordered cake from a local shop that’s just about 2 kilometers away from the customer’s house.

At the time, there was a thunderstorm in the area and it was raining really hard. But Zulhairi decided to accept the booking, thinking that the customer probably needed the cake for a celebration at home.

The customer messaged him to say they were willing to wait until the heavy rain ends. They were not in a hurry and felt worried about the rider. But 45 minutes later, the rain was still pouring down so hard and didn’t appear to be going away for some time.

So, Zulhairi decided to just deliver the cake even if he gets wet. After all, the customer’s house was just some 2 kilometers away. Appreciating the gesture, the customer also gave him cake wrapped inside the container plus an envelope.

Grab rider receives free cake and huge tip

Photo credit: mSTAR / World of Buzz

He didn’t check the contents as he was soaking wet. He went home to change. But the food delivery rider was surprised to find RM50 ($12) inside the envelope. When the opened the cake, however, he found that there was another RM50 note taped on the container! The kind customer gave him a total of RM100 ($24) are appreciation – and Zulhairi was surprised because the cake house was really just nearby.

They gave me so much even though the distance between the two places were really close. Maybe it’s because I was really soaking wet from the rain,” Zulhairi mused.

But he reminded other riders that such might bring them some danger because the road conditions are unpredictable.

I myself would not take any orders when it’s raining very heavily. You can’t really see the road conditions and whether there is a pothole or not,” he cautioned.

Care Fund and Insurance for Frontliners

Grab Malaysia announced that it will give RM1,000 ($230) to drivers and/or riders who are Covid-19 positive or has been directed to self-quarantine through the “Partner Protection Fund”. The “Partner Relief Fund” also provides them an extra RM300 ($70) for groceries.