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Duterte and Matobato as Childhood Friends? Impossible!

In his testimony against the now President Rodrigo Duterte in the supposed actions of the controversial (and possibly mythical?) Davao Death Squad (DDS), 57-year-old Edgar Matobato had repeatedly claimed that the president who was then mayor of Davao City had created the DDS and ordered them to kill a number of people, including political opponents and some who were supposedly killed on a whim.

Aside from these accusations, Matobato also claimed that he knew that Duterte was the one who ordered the killing of these people because he was right there at the office of the DDS as the then mayor told them to shoot these people. He said that Duterte knows him – and not only where they close chums, he also claimed that he had a stint as bodyguard for the Duterte.

Duterte denied knowing Matobato personally but it seems that creative people have found a way of supposedly linking the two and saying that they have proof that the two were childhood friends.

Photo credit: Sass Rogando Sasot / Facebook

But the photo appears to have dubious sources and while it does look ‘credible’ to the untrained eye, it was surely a product of some serious Photoshop skills. After all, the younger Duterte photo has gone viral some weeks ago – and there remains the fact that Matobato is currently 57 years old while Duterte is 71 years old.

Unless Matobato lied about his age as well, we could scrap these silly conspiracy theories as junk. Because of they really were childhood friends, the photos would have at least showed them as kids who were about 14 to 15 years apart. That’s like showing photos of a teen and a newborn baby! Yep, it really is impossible for the two to be chums in childhood.

Who is Matobato?

Edgar Matobato is the witness presented by Sen. Leila de Lima against the alleged human rights violations and crimes committed by the DDS, supposedly under the orders of Duterte.

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