Boy Earns Praise for Helping Clean the Houses of Flood Victims

A young boy earns praise for helping clean the houses of flood victims, volunteering to do it even if he has shorter, weaker arms and legs than the men doing the clean-up drive! What an amazing kid.

Boy Earns Praise for Volunteering in Clean-up Drive

With so many calamities and problems coming our way, it always feels good to know that there are still many people who are willing help out. Many don’t even ask for anything in return.

Such beautiful acts of kindness often go viral, with the online community happily praising this kind, helpful people. Take for example the kind neighbors who swam in floodwaters to bring food and other supplies to a stranded family.

But these kind men weren’t the only ones who went out of their way to help out others in need.

Twitter user @nurassyaheera took to social media to praise a young boy for helping out in their neighborhood.

Age is not an obstacle. Well done to the youngest volunteer,” @nurassyaheera wrote.

Apparently, their place was among those hit by the flashfloods from the recent typhoon – and many houses got damaged or were filled with mud. Dozens of volunteers scrambled to help the victim clean up their homes before the muds dry up and become much harder to get out of their homes.

According to @nurassyaheera, the boy is the nephew of one of her friends who came to help out.

True enough, @nurassyaheera wasn’t the only one impressed by this young boy’s actions. The post quickly went viral, with many netizens also praising the child’s parents for raising him well.

Who’s child is this? So adorable and obedient. I hope that you grow up to become someone successful,” one netizen commented.

I hope that you will be seen as a good example to your friends who will follow the good acts that you have done,” another wrote.

But some were not impressed. One netizen commented that it’s child labor.

What’s Child Labor?

Child labor is the act of exploiting children and depriving them of their childhood by making them work, usually against their will.

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