Girl Urges Guys to be Loyal after Receiving Messages from Guy on Instagram

These days, it is easy to check out and meet other people because you can easily find them on social media. You can stalk a person’s profile and see his/her photos – especially because many people don’t really put their posts to ‘Friends Only’ mode but to ‘Public’.

It is also easy to send messages to people you don’t know, because the send message button is activated on most social media profiles.

Netizen Jan Bautista from Angeles City in Pampanga, Philippines, shared a post that has quickly gone viral on social media, “BOYS WILL ALWAYS BE BOYS!!!!!

In the post, Bautista shared that someone sent her direct messages on Instagram. He sent the message request and she accepted but he would soon take it a bit further by asking if he could try and be close friends with her.

According to Bautista, while she knew where the conversation was heading, she joked and replied that it was alright. The guy would soon pepper her with praises, calling her ganda (beautiful) many times.

Photo credit: Facebook / Jan Bautista

After checking his profile, she replied that his girlfriend also looked beautiful but he tried to gain her sympathy by saying that he’s not so happy with his current situation because he’s always fighting with his girlfriend.

Then, this unnamed guy asked Bautista to send him a photo but this angered her. She slammed the guy, saying that while he thought he was just making friendly conversation with her, he was still cheating on his girlfriend in this manner!

Bautista added that as a girl, she knows how it would feel if her boyfriend would be chatting up with other girls and asking for their photos. Then, she admonished the guy and told him to stay loyal to his girl, because she knows girls are easily hurt when their man chats with other girls – even if it is just a ‘friendly’ conversation.

Photo credit: Facebook / Jan Bautista

Do you agree with Bautista?