Russia’s ‘Muscle Barbie’ Stuns Netizens with Gorgeous Looks and Muscled Body

She has the gorgeous face of a human Barbie doll, with delicate skin, porcelain face, and lovely tresses but 21-year-old Julia Vins from Engels, Russia is not your typical sexy lady. While her face looks rather delicate and feminine, her muscled body speaks a different language!

Dubbed as the ‘Muscle Barbie’, Julia regularly goes to the gym to build her muscles. As a bodybuilder, this charming young lady can squat 520 lbs (235kg) – and that’s definitely more than what most non-bodybuilding men could do.

Just finished competition in Finland My squat 235 kg 🙂 first time in multiply #powerlifting #gometal

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For her rather unusual appearance, this confident young lady has gained a lot of followers on Instagram and Facebook. To date, she has over 533k followers on Instagram and close to 275k followers on Facebook, making her a popular public figure, indeed.

Most of her followers were fascinated with her appearance, especially because she does looks so gorgeous. But then, there are plenty of beautiful ladies on social media but most of them had bodies of regular ladies.

???? #musclebarbie

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A lot of people didn’t expect that Julia’s body would look so muscled that if she stands with her back towards you and wear no shirt at all, she would look like a male bodybuilder with long hair! Yep. She’s that muscular!

Julia loves to flaunt her muscled body but before you accuse her of being lesbian or tomboy, you just have to check out her other Instagram posts where she poses as a sweet young lady with feminine looks.


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She really just loves powerlifting and having a muscled body, that’s all. What can you say about this pretty Barbie girl with a muscular Ken doll body?

Photo credit: Julia Vins / Facebook