Doctor’s Son Cries as He Asked for Hug from Mom on Self-Quarantine at Home

As people in the medical field work in the frontlines to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, they also experience the heartbreak of being away from their families.

Recently, a Malaysian doctor mom on self-quarantine shares the heartbreaking video of her son crying his heart out as he asked for a hug, but she can’t be near him because she’s treating potential COVID-19 patients at the hospital she’s working at.

doctor mom on self quarantine

Photo credit: Khadijah Ismail / Facebook

Overworked Frontliners

Most of the frontliners are working extra-long shifts just to help with the rising number of cases across the world. In Malaysia, 900 positive cases have been reported. Though the country has only lost two of citizens to the virus compared with the thousands from other places, this is still a serious situation as there are many who are being monitored and might also test positive.

The overworked frontliners are not just tired and hungry, they are also at higher risk of contracting the virus because of the close contact they have with the patients. But they have no other choice because the people are counting on them. There’s really no one else to turn to.


The doctor who shared the video, Khadijah Ismail, posted the heartbreaking moment her son cried hard as he begged for her to give him a hug. The boy could not understand why his mother is in the house but won’t give him a hug or kiss him. For sure, this kid is used to being affectionate with this mother.

Khadijah explained that she can’t give her son a hug because she was exposed to patients who are being tested for the virus. She can’t risk passing the virus to her family, if she is possibly a carrier. Here’s the heartbreaking video:

What is a Virus Carrier?

A virus carrier is a person who is infected by a virus but is not showing any symptoms. However, this person still passes the virus to other people even during the period when he/she is not exhibiting any symptoms.

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