Generous Husband Puts Lots of Cash in Wife’s Wallet

How do you show your love to your significant other? Well, that’s surely through hugs and kisses but do you also give gifts, flowers, and chocolates?

There are a lot of men who enjoy showering their ladies with gift but, of course, there are those who aren’t really fond of doing that – for some reason or another, even if they have money! Others don’t have the money to buy their ladies the things they wanted to receive – and we can easily forgive these men, too.

But there are men who are so generous that they wish to ensure their lady is happy by buying her exactly what she wants – or giving her money so she can buy anything that she wants!

Photo credit: Jess Tyk / Facebook

In Malaysia, a generous husband has gone viral after his wife posted on social media a snapshot of her wallet filled with a lot of money!

According to Jess Tyk, she was looking for her purse and found it filled with money. She was surprised to find a good deal of money in it but her husband admitted he was the one who placed it there. The generous guy reportedly told her that he was giving her the money to buy whatever she wants because he wasn’t able to buy her gifts.

Photo credit: Jess Tyk / Facebook

Tyk did not mention whether there was a special occasion they are celebrating but she did joke that her husband couldn’t give her a card but he gave her money. Yay or nay?

What are the Top 3 Most Popular Gifts for Women?

The types of gifts a man would give his significant other depend on a lot of things, of course, but here are the top choices that are valid for all season:

  1. Flowers – Who doesn’t love flowers, anyway?
  2. Chocolates – Every woman loves chocolates!
  3. Jewelry – It can be expensive but if you have the money, this is a good choice. Just be careful in giving a ring, if you don’t have plans to get married yet. Better stick to bracelets and necklaces first.
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