6 Tips to Stay Happier Even on the Most Difficult Days

In life, a lot of us have to go through many difficult times – and there are even times when it feels like the challenges aren’t going to end! But when you feel like complaining a lot and feeling down, remember that thinking happy thoughts is the root of happiness.

In short, if you want to be happy, think happy thoughts!

Here are six tips to stay happier even on the most difficult days.

Don’t overthink

Are you about to face a situation that might cause embarrassment or fear? Don’t overthink! You might be getting yourself too scared over something that you don’t even have to worry about.

Think how a situation can make you happy

Even with a difficult situation at hand, think of how you can turn this around to your advantage and make you happy. It really is “mind over matter”. Because even the darkest days still have something positive to remember, even if you don’t notice at first.

Guard your emotions

It’s easy to be overcome with the problems you have, leading to constant pain and unhappy thoughts. But if you guard your emotions, you can easily become happy. Choose to be happy.

Stop thinking about the bad moment

It is human nature to repeat some moments over and over again in their mind – and that happens in both really good and really bad memories! But again, the choice is yours. Why live that moment of pain again and again when you can stop thinking about the bad memory?

Let it go

Better yet, let it go! You can cry over the difficult situation, but afterwards, let go of the unhappy thoughts and make yourself feel better.

Replace unwanted emotions with happy moments

Still thinking about the unhappy emotions and couldn’t let go? It’s a better idea if you replace those unhappy, unwanted emotions with happy thoughts.

How about making new memories that would make you feel better? That way, you now have lots of happy memories to think over and over again instead of getting stuck in the bad moment.