Funny Video: These Foreigners got it Right! Signs You Are Filipino…

I definitely love how the foreigners in this video were able to nail the “signs you are Filipino”. It is hilarious how they were able to come up with the signs, to think they are foreigners after all! But, mind you, these are no ordinary foreigners because they are part of the group, Hey Joe Show who are self-proclaimed Filipinos at heart.

If you want proof of that, well, you just have to watch their videos to see how they are all fluent in Bisaya, a dialect in the Visayan region! Just imagine that these are “pure” foreigners – and they look the part – yet they are able to speak a local Philippine dialect with ease! Amazing!

Now, I’m quite sure they were not mocking the Filipinos when they made this video because they actually love the country. I guess it is their way of saying they belong, that they know how Filipinos act, so they are Filipinos, too.

Watch the funny video here…

Signs You are Filipino

According to the Hey Joe Show, these are the signs you are Filipino. Feel free to tell us whether you disagree but I definitely agree with them in most of the signs they pointed out in the clip.

You use your fingers to measure the water when cooking rice. I totally agree with this – I have always cooked using this method. I even know some who use this method even when cooking with a rice cooker!

You are an expert at staying cool. Well, living in a tropical country has made our bodies adapt to the climate.

You show respect to elders. Though other cultures have their own ways of showing respect, Filipinos do it by taking the elder’s hand and touching it on their forehead in a sign called “mano”.

No one takes the last bite. When eating, Filipinos have this weird habit of not taking the last bite, perhaps so others won’t think he is greedy.

You enjoy videoke. Well, who doesn’t? Even Manny Pacquiao enjoys videoke!

You bend your body to pass between people. This also applies when passing between the TV and people watching. It might be weird to foreigners but it is our way of making sure we do not disturb others.

You react to “Psssst!”. Well, I don’t but most people I know would jump out of their seats when someone does that or turn around even in a crowded street.

You go wacky while taking pictures. I agree with their portrayal but they should have included jumping for photos, too; though that is usually applicable when Filipinos go to a tourist spot while on vacation.