How to Create an Effective Mouse Trap for Your Home

Mice can be a big problem in homes and various infrastructures, especially because they can gnaw on wires, wood, and various parts of your home that could lead to further problems.

The most effective way to fully get rid of mice is to hire an exterminator who can do it professionally but that’s also the most expensive option! There are other ways to do it; one of these is to create a mouse trap, instead, using a tall bucket and a ‘rolling log’.

The rolling log in this mouse trap is actually a small piece of rod that is cut to just the right length so that it will fit the diameter of the bucket.

As you can see in the instructional video shared by Shawn Woods on YouTube, you have to make sure that this rod goes across the bucket. To make this work, you have to put some kind of bait in the middle of the rod; Woods used peanut butter as it sticks just fine on the rod.

Screenshot from video by Shawn Woods / YouTube

Then, you have to build a ramp for the mice to reach the rod. It would be a good idea to put ramps on each side of the rod.

While Woods placed water in the bucket, it is also possible for you to simply leave it dry if you don’t want to drown the mice, as suggested by those who watched the video and felt apprehensive about killing mice.

But the mess-free way to really do it is to put water in the bucket so you wouldn’t have to worry about what you should do next with the live mice you caught.

Watch this video and check out how effective it is:

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