Vegetable Vendor Tests Positive of COVID, Comes Forward to Save Her Buyers

A vegetable vendor in Malaysia tested positive of COVID-19. Her family comes forward to announce the diagnosis as their mother wanted to save her buyers! What a wonderful woman…

Vendor Tests Positive of COVID-19

The COVID pandemic has reached alarming levels all across the world, but many are worried because a lot of carriers are asymptomatic and passing the virus without them knowing. Moreover, data and medical privacy laws in most countries do not allow the hospitals to reveal the patients’ names. Thus, many who were exposed to these people continue passing the virus before eventually testing positive as well!

But one vendor in Merapoh, Malaysia decided to come forward after receiving the positive diagnosis because she wanted to save her customers.

We are sorry to inform you that our beloved mother, Siah Bt Jusoh is positive with Covid-19. We would like to urge individuals who have come into contact with her from the 16th to the 29th of March to perform Covid-19 screening at the Merapoh clinic,” the family announced in a tweet via @TwtLipis.

vendor positive of covid

Photo credit: @TwtLipis / Twitter

While many COVID patients are, quite understandably, scared to announce their test results in fear of getting hated and shunned by the community, people praised the vegetable vendor and her family for the announcement. Many netizens agreed that it was a responsible thing to do.

The family even shared a photo of their mother, to avoid confusion particularly because there were other vendors in the area where she used to sell vegetables. Siah is no longer selling vegetables at the spot, but her family is hoping that her customers would get tested, just in case they might have come into contact with her.

Netizens are hoping that other positive patients would also come forward so that they can stop the chain of infection must quicker than if the government had to do all the contact tracing.

What is Contact Tracing?

Contact tracing is the process that’s done to trace and identify the persons who might have come into contact with an infected person. This is done so that these other people can also undergo observation to ensure that they did not contract the virus or the person’s infection.