Fastest Busboy in the World? This One Clears Tables in Less Than 30 Seconds!

Being a busboy is certainly not the best job in the world yet a young man named Reyl Celada who works at the food court of Robinsons Butuan is making the most of his job. He loves his job and has made it even more efficient and fun by training himself to clear tables with flare. Not only does this give him enjoyment while doing his job, it has also gained the attention of several regulars.

For example, his skills caught the attention of Ms. Twinkle Floro who took a video of Reyl clearing up a table. It is amazing how the busboy was able to clear that table in just 28 seconds – carefully placing the utensils in their designated spaces and without breaking the plates, of course! Incredible!

No wonder Ms. Twinkle and her companion, Ben, were amazed at this young man! The video has already received over 472,000 views since it was posted last June 28. Aside from possibly being the fastest busboy in the world (well, he is most probably the fastest in the Philippines!), he is well on his way to becoming the most famous as well…

Check out Reyl’s amazing moves via Ms. Twinkle’s video uploaded by user Manila Philippines on YouTube here:

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What is a Busboy?

The term “busboy” is not very familiar in the Philippines, especially because most people believe the workers in the restaurant are all “waiters” and in many cases, waiters do double the work by both waiting/serving and cleaning tables, anyway.

In an ideal restaurant, however, it is the waiter’s job to take and serve customers’ orders while the busboy deals with the plates and leftovers after the meal.

The term “busboy” is more familiar in North America as other places have different terms, including “waiter’s assistant” and “commis waiter” in British English.

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