Glucose-Sniffing Dog Saves Sleeping Diabetic Boy

A diabetic-alert dog named Jedi saved the life of his sleeping master, Luke Nuttal, whose glucose levels were dangerously low but the alarms did not go off because the monitor had been registering a normal level of 100.

According to Luke’s mom, Dorrie, her son has Type 1 diabetes and his glucose levels must be monitored around 10 to 15 times a day; thus, he is connected to a glucose monitor during the night so that alarms can go off if his levels are low and medications can immediately be administered.

On March 3, however, the monitor had only registered 100; thus, the alarms remained silent yet the family’s dog, Jedi, woke Dorrie up. Upon checking the monitor, Dorrie she tried getting back to sleep but the dog persisted, bowing its head as a sign that the boy’s glucose levels were low.

Confused, Dorrie pricked her son’s finger for a more accurate reading and found that he had dangerously low levels at only 57 – and the safety threshold is 70! Quickly, she gave him a glucose tab to raise his sugar levels and snapped a photo of her son, Jedi, and the glucose monitor.

She shared her story on Facebook where it quickly went viral, with many people commending Jedi for a job well done as well as offering words of encouragement to Dorrie and her family.

Truly, it was amazing that Jedi was able to detect Luke’s extremely low (and possibly fast lowering) blood sugar levels because he could have gone to a very risky state and might even experience diabetic shock which is potentially deadly!

Thank God for angels that come in dog form. Thanks, Jedi!

What is Diabetic Shock?

Diabetic shock or insulin shock is a condition wherein the body’s blood sugar levels are dangerously low. Possible reasons for this include injecting too much insulin, forgetting a meal after taking insulin shots, too much exercise, or not eating enough.

Symptoms of diabetic shock include rapid pulse rate, anxiety or nervousness, hunger, shaking, dizziness, and sweating. If left untreated, this can lead to serious brain damage or even death!

Treatment for diabetic shock is to raise sugar levels ASAP.

This may just look like a dog, a sleeping boy and a number on a screen, but this, this moment right here is so much…

Posted by Saving Luke – Luke and Jedi – Fighting Type 1 Diabetes Together on Thursday, March 3, 2016

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