Excellent Marketing Strategy: Make Customers Laugh

In the competitive world of business, it pays to have an excellent marketing strategy that places you above the rest of the competition. It does not have to be expensive or really big to be noticed. All you have to do is to be different and to make sure you are doing things in a unique manner so you can attract new customers or make old ones come back again and again.

For one banana cue vendor in Pampanga, selling means going around town and calling out to people to buy his goods. Of course, we all know there are lots of other banana cue vendors also selling the same stuff to people. So, how is he going to make people buy his wares? Easy: make them laugh!

vendor marketing strategy

First, he has to attract their attention so they would buy his banana cue. So, when buses filled with people on educational trips or tours arrive in his town, he immediately launches his tactics: speak English to catch their attention. You can rarely find an English-speaking banana cue vendor. Thus, as a novelty, people listened to him.

Once he got their attention, he can begin selling his goods! Excellent marketing strategy, right?

In business, it is important to find innovative strategies to attract clients so you can sell your stuff. Just like the banana cue vendor, these strategies do not have to be super complicated as long as you get the people’s attention.

The marketing strategy would surely depend on what you are selling and the type of business you are holding, of course. As a banana cue vendor, his English-speaking skills were a novelty so people stopped to listen. This strategy might not work for other types of businesses – what is important is you stay open-minded and try to look for new ways to improve your business and to attract new clients.