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5 Funny Marketing Strategies for Attracting New Customers

nokia will it bend

The best marketing strategies are often the ones that are most eye-catching or those that are most unique. After all, you have to stand out among the competition and make potential clients notice you.

For example, YouTube is full of various marketing videos of all types but we’re posting here some of the funniest we’ve found so far.These can make a great lesson for you to try something unique to attract new customers. There are also several funny print or online ads that would surely catch the clients’ attention.

1. “The Man with a Thousand Words”

Dubbed as “the man with a thousand words”, this banana cue vendor attracts customers with his English – that is, he speaks in English while trying to sell his banana cue. As can be seen in the video, he managed to attract the attention of some people who were apparently on a field trip.

They enjoyed his sales talk so much that they uploaded the clip on YouTube; the guy had overnight success on YouTube though we’re not quite sure whether he knows he’s already famous on the web.

2. Click, baby, click!

An encyclopedia company went on a production-frenzy to meet the very unusual volume of orders they were getting – you’ll never guess who was behind the large order, though.

When Adobe’s began selling its new Marketing Cloud suite, they released this funny ad. The encyclopedia company featured in the ad is not real, but Adobe drives home the point: that you might need to buy their product to know what your marketing is doing or else you would be deceived just like the people who were making the encyclopedia.

3. A Sweet Life

With Coca Cola being a household name already, they don’t need ads to introduce the brand but still have to keep up with their ever-growing number of competition. So, their ads continue to appear on various media.

The company is, perhaps, best known for its awesome Christmas ads but they also have funny ads such as the one in the video.It details the “sweet life” of a beautiful couple as they start their new family.

As marketing strategies go, I think this one is quite clever – of course, you can see that in its almost 7 million views on YouTube alone.

4. Eat All You Can

This funny ad looks a bit creepy, too, but it does catch the attention of the motorists entering the tunnel. Everyone is sure to see the face of the lady and see how she ate all the cars. Now that it got your attention, there’s a high likelihood you will also see the logo and stop by Oldtimer.

special poster

According to the caption, it is an ad for Oldtimer, a chain of motorway rest stops in Austria.

5. #BendGate

Apple is being trolled by many companies for its “bendable” iPhone 6 – not just its direct competitors, such as mobile companies Samsung, LG, and Nokia but also by companies who are not even selling gadgets. These companies took to social media to show their own version of #BendGate, capitalizing on Apple’s perceived error.

nokia will it bend

Nokia’s version was, perhaps, among the funniest even without trying really hard. The younger generations might not understand its meaning but Nokia is the winner for having the most relevant yet creative #BendGate version.

As you can see, marketing strategies vary yet you can find funny ways to catch your prospective clients’ attention and get them to buy your products.

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Osaka Takoyaki Seller Cosplays To Grab Customers’ Attention – Makes Sales Go Sky High




Cosplayer Image

Food stalls in Japan have such a huge market and the competition is not a joke. It is tight, especially in Osaka, one of the busiest cities in Japan.

Japan is the place to be for food lovers. There are so many food options and all of them look and taste so good. Tourists are attracted to their products because of their cute presentation and of course, good taste quality.

Osaka, Japan is where many tourists head to. There are so many food stalls along the streets, making the city very colorful and lively. Everybody just wants to pay for some good food experience.

But unknown to many, a lot of businesses suffer due to the lack of exposure.


What should a good businesswoman do to stand out?

Business owners do so many creative things to attract more customers. This helps their businesses increase their sales and profits. But not all are lucky to excel in the food business in Osaka.


So, this female Takoyaki business owner, Yukio, took an initiative to level up her business! She used her charm and of course, her natural takoyaki slipping skills.

Osaka is home to anime lovers. And because of this, Yukio changes up her look while flipping Takoyaki in her food stall called Goonies. This magnetizes people to watch her and eventually buy some of her good Goonies.


Her cosplay attracted customers and soon enough, her sales became so much bigger! A video of her flipping her takoyaki wearing a costume became hot on the internet and gained 1.9 million views on social media.

The short video clip became viral as it has been shared thousands of times. Who could not resist such a cute seller, right?

Almost everything that Japan sells is picturesque and of good quality. There is no reason not to travel there and find such worth items to try!

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No More Lost Packages: Amazon Now Confirms Package Delivery By Taking a Photo of Your Front Door




The internet revolutionized the way we shop. Online shopping makes life more convenient. More and more people these days prefer buying things online rather than the conventional way of going into shops.

Shopping online gives you cheaper deals and better deals since the products come to you directly from the seller or manufacturer. Many online shops also offer discount coupons and rebates. One of the largest and most popular shopping websites worldwide is Amazon.

The choices you can find on Amazon is amazing. You can find gift easier with fewer expenses. From books to posters to rare finds, Amazon has it all. However, not all people have great experiences purchasing stuff online. There were items that went missing in action after the delivery man drops their items on the door.

Shopping online is cheaper and more convenient.
Shopping online is cheaper and more convenient.

No More Lost Shipments

Most people, at some point, have had to play detective when the item they ordered online just went missing. Although it is stressful at most times, losing the items you paid for using your hard-earned money may just be a thing of the past, thanks to the trial that the online retail giant is rolling out.

To avoid packages going AWOL, Amazon recently completed their Amazon Logistics Photo On Delivery programme in the United States and will be carried out in the United Kingdom soon.

Unfortunately, some packages get lost during delivery.
Unfortunately, some packages get lost during delivery.

How Does It Work?

The delivery driver would need to take a photo of your front door to help you find the packages easier. This initiate came after the online company bought smart doorbell company ring, a company that records footages of front doors, for a staggering £700 million.

The online retail giant updated its delivery device and app being used by their delivery personnel. All logistics drivers can now take photos of your home. These photos are loaded onto the Amazon server and drivers and deliverymen don’t have access to them.

Once the package arrives, the customer will receive a photo along with a notice of delivery. That notice includes a photo of your door with the package lying on the floor.

If you think it is invading your privacy already or adding the photos is a little too much, you can opt to have this additional service removed from the Amazon’s website.

Will the new service decrease the number of lost shipments? [Image Credit: tom_bullock / flickr]
Will the new service decrease the number of lost shipments? [Image Credit: tom_bullock / flickr]
On the “Your Orders” section, simply click “Don’t take delivery photos.”

No more lost packages, yes to happy purchases. Do you think this new service from Amazon is good?

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Malaysian Boy Quits School to Become a Farmer, Now a Millionaire Who Farms Cows




While most people want to finish their studies to become successful in life, as is the common belief, one student in Malaysia only thought of becoming a farmer. He so wanted to be one that he quit school at Standard 6.

But you can’t become a farmer without capital and if you have no land. So, this young boy, Saipol Azmir Zainuddi, first became a construction worker to earn money.

Saipol’s monthly salary was RM750 ($190) per month but for his first salary, he didn’t splurge on a new gadget or treat his friends to dinner at some popular restaurant in town. Instead, he bought a calf.

Photo credit: Pucuk Paku / World of Buzz

Each month, thereafter, Saipol would buy a calf which his father would take care of.

Although I dropped out of school way earlier than my friends, that didn’t break my spirit, because being a farmer has always been my dream,” he revealed.

By the time I was 18, I’ve already had 300 cows. During that time, my father and I raised and sold cows to villagers. I saved up all the profit made because it has always been my dream to own a farm.

At this point in time, he was already finding success as a farmer and had quit being a construction worker but he dreamed of expanding his farm; thus, he took a loan of RM100,000 ($25,600) to buy a 0.8-hectare land for his cows.

With hard work and determination, the poor Malaysian kid became a millionaire! Today, at age 33, he owns at least 30 buffaloes, 700 cows, and 150 goats.

Photo credit: Pucuk Paku / World of Buzz

Last year alone, he earned at least RM1 million ($255,900). But what’s really impressive is that he isn’t selfish at all. Even now that he’s attained success, he is willing to share his knowledge with others and readily coaches anyone interested to know how to run a business like his.

While we don’t advocate quitting school, we encourage everyone to follow their dreams because it can lead to success…

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