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5 Funny Marketing Strategies for Attracting New Customers

nokia will it bend

The best marketing strategies are often the ones that are most eye-catching or those that are most unique. After all, you have to stand out among the competition and make potential clients notice you.

For example, YouTube is full of various marketing videos of all types but we’re posting here some of the funniest we’ve found so far.These can make a great lesson for you to try something unique to attract new customers. There are also several funny print or online ads that would surely catch the clients’ attention.

1. “The Man with a Thousand Words”

Dubbed as “the man with a thousand words”, this banana cue vendor attracts customers with his English – that is, he speaks in English while trying to sell his banana cue. As can be seen in the video, he managed to attract the attention of some people who were apparently on a field trip.

They enjoyed his sales talk so much that they uploaded the clip on YouTube; the guy had overnight success on YouTube though we’re not quite sure whether he knows he’s already famous on the web.

2. Click, baby, click!

An encyclopedia company went on a production-frenzy to meet the very unusual volume of orders they were getting – you’ll never guess who was behind the large order, though.

When Adobe’s began selling its new Marketing Cloud suite, they released this funny ad. The encyclopedia company featured in the ad is not real, but Adobe drives home the point: that you might need to buy their product to know what your marketing is doing or else you would be deceived just like the people who were making the encyclopedia.

3. A Sweet Life

With Coca Cola being a household name already, they don’t need ads to introduce the brand but still have to keep up with their ever-growing number of competition. So, their ads continue to appear on various media.

The company is, perhaps, best known for its awesome Christmas ads but they also have funny ads such as the one in the video.It details the “sweet life” of a beautiful couple as they start their new family.

As marketing strategies go, I think this one is quite clever – of course, you can see that in its almost 7 million views on YouTube alone.

4. Eat All You Can

This funny ad looks a bit creepy, too, but it does catch the attention of the motorists entering the tunnel. Everyone is sure to see the face of the lady and see how she ate all the cars. Now that it got your attention, there’s a high likelihood you will also see the logo and stop by Oldtimer.

special poster

According to the caption, it is an ad for Oldtimer, a chain of motorway rest stops in Austria.

5. #BendGate

Apple is being trolled by many companies for its “bendable” iPhone 6 – not just its direct competitors, such as mobile companies Samsung, LG, and Nokia but also by companies who are not even selling gadgets. These companies took to social media to show their own version of #BendGate, capitalizing on Apple’s perceived error.

nokia will it bend

Nokia’s version was, perhaps, among the funniest even without trying really hard. The younger generations might not understand its meaning but Nokia is the winner for having the most relevant yet creative #BendGate version.

As you can see, marketing strategies vary yet you can find funny ways to catch your prospective clients’ attention and get them to buy your products.


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Creative Pinoy Guy Makes Realistic Action Figures from Rubber Scraps




A lot of Filipinos are not just creative, they are also clever in that they can find ways to make the most of their situation. One such guy is Elmer Padilla, a street artist who makes realistic action figures from rubber scraps.

His story was shared on Facebook by netizen Adrian Soriano Bernabe who posted about his craft on the GUHIT Pinas public group page. According to Bernabe, he got curious why there were people crowding around Padilla one day while he was at the public market in Imus, Cavite.

Photo credit: Adrian Soriano Bernabe‎ / GUHIT Pinas – Facebook

He went closer to check out what was going on and discovered that the people were crowding around Padilla because of his awesome action figures. The toys looked so realistic and incredibly detailed that it was quite difficult to believe these were made from discarded flipflops and other rubber scraps.

If Bernabe had not seen Padilla create some of the action figures, he probably wouldn’t believe the ones the vendor was selling really came from the rubber scraps. Indeed, it’s difficult to believe that but this only means Padilla is a highly talented artist.

Photo credit: Adrian Soriano Bernabe‎ / GUHIT Pinas – Facebook

Bernabe said that Padilla had a lot of action figures there, including Deadpool, Hellboy, some Transformers robots, and various well-known superheroes and characters. But the artist in him did not just stop at figures he can copy from existing creations because he also made his own robot designs.

Photo credit: Adrian Soriano Bernabe‎ / GUHIT Pinas – Facebook

According to the amazed netizen whose story was later posted on Viral Manila, he learned that Padilla hails from Catbalogan, Samar but had gone to Cavite to try his luck there. His main bread and butter is being a construction worker but he enjoys making the action figures on his free time and sells his craft to interested customers.

What are Action Figures?

Action figures are dolls or little figures that represent a real person or a fictional character known for ‘vigorous action’. These poseable characters often come with jointed limbs to allow the owner to change how the character looks.

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Diligent Grade 12 Student Sells Corn to Go to Private School




Working students are truly inspiring because they found a way to solve the challenge of not having enough money, as long as they can go to school. Netizens express admiration over a young man who sells corn so he can go to school.

Facia Lois Estive shared on Facebook how she and a friend were just having some snacks when the latter noticed that the vendor selling corn across the street was wearing a school uniform. The two observed that there were a lot of people buying from this young man.

It was only when most of the customers had finished buying corn that Facia and her friend went closer to check out this inspiring young man.

Photo credit: Facia Lois Estive / Facebook

They learned that he is already in Grade 12, taking up the Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) strand at the University of the East (UE), a private educational institution in Manila, Philippines.

During his free time, this hardworking student sells corn and remits his earnings so he could pay for his tuition fees!

At the time Facia and her friend took his photos, the student was wearing a uniform and a pair of slippers but he revealed that he usually changes into ‘civilian’ clothes.

Photo credit: Facia Lois Estive / Facebook

Inspired by this young man, Facia shared his story and photos on Facebook where it quickly went viral.

While they had forgotten to ask for his name, they later discovered that he is Joel Mendiola. His Facebook account confirms that he’s from UE and that he’s not ashamed about selling corn even if he studies at a private school – because it is the very reason why he can go to school, after all.

Kudos to you, Joel Mendiola! Good luck.

What is a Working Student?

As the term implies, a working student is someone who earns money in various ways so he/she could go to school. A lot of schools

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Ferrari Insult Reportedly Gave Rise to Lamborghini




Lamborghini Brand

Most business owners need an inspiration to start their business but it is widely believed that an insult by Ferrari’s owner would lead to the rise of the Lamborghini brand.

Born to grape farmers of Cento in the Emilia-Romagna region, Italy, a man named Ferruccio Elio Arturo Lamborghini would use his knowledge as a mechanic to start a business of tractor manufacturing back in 1948.

He would also launch several businesses but his prowess as a tractor manufacturer would bring the Lamborghini name much fame. As he grew richer, Lamborghini began to collect expensive cars – and he had a Ferrari, a Jaguar, and a Mercedes 300 SL, among others.

According to several stories, Lamborghini encountered problems with the clutch of his Ferrari. So, he went to the brand’s founder and owner Enzo Anselmo Ferrari to talk about the issue but was allegedly insulted as the latter told him to stick to making tractors and stop dabbling with the manufacturing of cars – or so the urban legend goes…

Lamborghini Brand
Photo credit: i-Elevate Institute

After getting insulted by Ferrari, Lamborghini was so angry that he began to build his own brand of cars to specifically become Ferrari’s competitor. Soon enough, the Lamborghini brand would catch up with the Ferrari brand and became a well-known manufacturer of fast cars, taking a chunk off Ferrari’s market.

Even to this day, it’s hard to say who is more popular, Ferrari or Lamborghini. But what’s quite amazing is that if the story of the insult was for real, then Ferrari made one of the biggest mistakes in his life when he insulted Lamborghini.

But it would seem that the ‘insult’ thing was just urban legend. On a biography posted on Lambo Cars, the writer claimed that Ferrari refused to meet Lamborghini regarding his complaint; thus, if they never met to talk about it, then the ‘insult’ couldn’t have happened.

How Did Lamborghini Fix His Broken Ferrari?

As to how Lamborghini fixed his broken Ferrari, the same biography wrote:

He noticed the clutch fitted to this Ferrari wasn’t any different from the ones Lamborghini mounted in their tractors, so he drove the Ferrari to the Cento factory and had a Borg & Beck clutch installed straight from the parts list of one if the tractor models … the problem never returned after that.

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