Aircraft Marshaller Makes Waves on Social Media after Terry McBride Catches Him Dancing

Country music singer Terry McBride was heading back to his home in Nashville after a trip to New York when he noticed the aircraft marshaller busting some moves on the tarmac as he directed the aircraft. Not one to miss an opportunity to praise a fellow artist, McBride quickly whipped out his phone to record the dancing aircraft marshaller.

He posted the video on Facebook with the caption, “So this just happened out my window as I was leaving New York headed back home to Nashville. This guy rocks!

Everyone readily agreed with McBride! To date, the video has been viewed over 12 million times since he posted it in October.

The worker was later identified as Kryan Ashford.

Photo credit: Good Times

And it turned out that this was not the first time this aircraft marshaller was seen dancing on the tarmac. In fact, in his 5 years on the job as Jet Stream Ground Services aircraft marshaller, he’s been dancing and having fun while directing aircrafts at the Rochester International Airport.

When he’s assigned at the gate, he would also bust some rhythms as he reads out flight boarding instructions.

It’s safe to conclude that this guy really loves his job!

Asked why he was doing this, Ashford said that he enjoys making people happy, even if that means getting just one person to smile.

He explained, “If I can just make somebody, at least one person, smile and turn their day around, then I am good. I did my job. You don’t know why these people are flying out … they could be going to a funeral.”

He’s definitely a considerate worker, isn’t he? And he credits everything to his mother.

Everything I’ve been doing, that’s all a part of who I am. My mother raised me to be the type of man to walk around with great character, and that people should never be ashamed of who they are,” Ashford said.

Watch his lively dance moves here: