Caught on Camera: Tourists Rescued 30 Beached Dolphins

A pod of some 30 dolphins was filmed as it moved towards the beach. The helpless mammals were then stranded at the beach, unable to move back to deeper waters.

The incident was caught on camera by a tourist who was puzzled at the black spots seemingly swimming towards the shore. It was not sure what caused these dolphins to move crazily towards the shore but what was immediately clear is that they needed help, fast!

The tide was also pushing the dolphins to the land, making it even more difficult for them to move. If no one helps them, these poor creatures will surely die. It took a few seconds for the people to realize they have to do something to take the dolphins back to the water.

Without any equipment readily available, they had to use their bare hands to pull the dolphins back to deeper waters.

Watch the incredible rescue unfold here:

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