Escort Complains after Man Hires Her for 2 Hours to Help Him Move House

A woman who works as escort complained on Twitter after the man who hired her for 2 hours made her do a rather unusual service – pack his things to help him move out of his house! Errrrr. Weird request, weird complaint, eh?

According to World of Buzz, the woman who goes by the handle ‘Miyuna’ took to Twitter to express her anger after the man who hired her for 2 hours didn’t want to avail of the usual services offered. Instead, he asked her to help him pack up his things as he was moving out of his house.

Photo credit: Coco01

Miyuna felt so angry about the situation because she had dressed up so nicely for the occasion but the man had turned her down for the service when she arrived at his house.

Other than me, has anyone else encountered a client who asked for a two-hour service at their house but actually just needed a someone to help them move house?” Miyuna wrote on Twitter.

It turned out there were actually a lot of escorts who experienced a similar situation.

One woman wrote that she was hired for 3 hours by a man who also wanted help to pack up his belongings to move out of his house. Since there was still time left after they finished packing, the man then treated her out to a meal after they cleaned up the house for a bit.

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It turned out that Miyuna’s customer had done the maths and realized that it would cost him more money to hire cleaning services or professional movers to help him pack his things compared with simply hiring an escort.

And while the job is certainly too far from what these ladies are used to doing, at least he was able to get the job done and is now ready to move out…

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