Sexually Abused OFW In KSA Asks Help From Tulfo To Escape From Employers

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) work hard in other countries in order to earn money that is significantly bigger than what they are earning here.

However, in exchange for the high salary, sometimes, they put their lives in danger. Like this OFW in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Jean Ramos who is asking for help from her abusive employer.

Sexual abuse

With the help of her boyfriend, Michael, who went to Raffy Tulfo’s program, Jean’s story was heard. According to Michael, the first time that Jean told him about the abuse was last February 1, 2018. That time, the abuse already happened three times.

In an attempt to catch the employer, Jean set up a hidden camera in her room so she can catch her employer red-handed. Which she did.



Caught in the act

Michael showed Tulfo the video of the abuse. In the video, Jean was seen resting and sitting on her bed when her male employer came in and exposed his genitals. He tried to get closer to Jean but she covered herself with a pillow.



When that did not work, she stood up, but the employer is not having it so he grabs Jean and forcefully hugs her.



No action

On Jean’s part, which is understandable, she remained quiet. She cannot tell anyone, especially her employer’s wife as it may backfire on her and it may put her in more danger.

Michael, on the other hand, tried calling Jean’s agency, Hannan International Manpower Agency but was not successful in reaching anybody from the agency.

He also tried calling Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) where he was able to talk to Manny Mortilla, but he was referred to several people which resulted in him not getting any help at all.

Help is on the way

Finally, feeling that he has no other choice, he sought help from Tulfo. They contacted the Advocacy and Social Marketing  Division Supervisor of OWWA, Marissa Cruz, who promised to take action on Jean’s case immediately.

Tulfo was also able to reach the agency and he got to talk to Jeremy Calangan. Calangan said that he will take action immediately. Tulfo didn’t believe so he told Jeremy that whatever happens, OWWA will take action on the case immediately.

Tulfo even gave Calangan advice on how he can approach the matter.

To Jean, we hope you get to go home safe soon. Help is on the way.