Dulce Links Sen. De Lima to Drug Lords inside Bilibid

MANILA, Philippines-Veteran singer and theatre actress Dulce Amor Cruzata, more popularly known as Dulce, has accused Senator Leila de Lima of  allowing illegal drugs business to proliferate and receiving millions of pesos from drug lords inside the National Bilibid Prison through a controversial post on her Facebook page on Sunday, August 21.

Breaking her silence over the controversy surrounding the 56-year-old senator, Dulce said she has warned De Lima to come clean on her involvement in the illegal drug trade and refrain from speaking about it before things get worse. Dulce said she wants to feel sorry for the controversial female senator but believes that the truth most come out.


PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Dulce Amor Cruzata

Based on her post, Dulce’s husband was among those allegedly fired by the former justice secretary because he refused to be involved in the illegal activity.

“Inalis at tinerminate mo ang mga taong tapat sa kanilang trabaho dahil lang sa ayaw sumabay sa inyo sa gusto ninyong mangyari, gusto n’yo itikom na lang mga bibig nila basta tanggap na lang milyones galing sa druglords?” Dulce wrote in her post.

(You removed and terminated people who are honest in their work because they don’t want to be part of what you want to happen, you want to silence them as long as you receive millions from drug lords.)

She added: “Hindi masikmura ng asawa ko ang pakainin kami ng galing sa perang pinangwasak n’yo ng buhay ng ibang tao.”

(My husband can’t bear feeding us using the money that destroyed other people’s lives.)

Furthermore, Dulce claimed that De Lima was used by her former bosses in allowing the proliferation of shabu factories while serving as the secretary of the Department of Justice.

‘I pray you’d be jolted out from your slumber, and hope it’s not yet too late. I pray for redemption,” Dulce ended her post.

The post, which has spread like wildfire on social media, has since been take down after it was reported on Kicker Daily News and Pep.ph.

Who is Dulce?

Dubbed as “Asia’s Diva”, critically acclaimed FIlipina singer Dulce popularized the song “Ako Ang Nasawi, Ako ang Nagwagi”. She has received numerous local and international recognitions including winning the local competition “Tawag ng Tanghalan”.