Delicious Ice Cream Treat or Yummy Vendor?

A pretty Taiwanese ice cream crepe vendor’s video of her preparing delicious ice cream popiah became trending on social media – though I doubt it was because of the delectable treat she’s preparing! I’m quite sure her outfit is a huge part of her marketing strategy.

As you can see in the video, she is preparing what looks like a local delicacy – I am quite sure that won’t really be a matter of great importance to netizens.

What I am 99% sure of is the fact that she’s doing her job in a charming way, leaving viewers in awe of her, uhm, skills as maker of a delicious-looking ice cream treat. I bet the vendor is more interesting to the viewers than the food she’s preparing.

According to FHM Philippines, the chic lady’s name is Cindy and she has been featured on several local TV shows. She’s a popular figure, especially with when her video went viral in Singapore and Japan.

cute ice cream pic

Image via Rocket News 24

What’s quite nice is that she does not seem to mind the attention she is getting from the people watching her prepare the ice cream treat – I hope they buy the crepes she’s making, though, not just admiring her skilled methods.

Watch the trending video here:

Clever marketing strategy, right?

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