Dad Goes Around Restaurant, Asks Strangers for ‘Likes’ on Daughter’s School Project

One supportive dad goes around the restaurant as he asks strangers for ‘likes’ on his daughter’s school project. The move earned praise for the dad from netizens, but many slammed the teachers for such requirements to the students.

Modern Lessons, Modern Methods

These days, teachers have learned to adapt to the times and use modern methods to convey their lessons to the students. Often, they expect the students to already have gadgets and social media accounts that they can use for creating projects.

supportive dad

Photo credit: World of Buzz

There are times when the teachers will grade a project based on the ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ that the students receive for the work; not just focusing on the content itself. This might be ideal for students with plenty of social media friends but many who only have a few friends end up with low stats.

Knowing that his daughter’s grade depended on how many stats she receives on her project, one dad in Malaysia decided to take matters in his own hands. He probably didn’t have a lot of social media friends as well; thus, this supportive dad went to a crowded restaurant to ask people for ‘likes’ and ‘shares’.

The project is actually a video made by his daughter and her teammates wherein they talk about recycling used cooking oil to make essential oils.

A lot of people were touched by this supportive dad’s actions that soon the post would actually go viral! Many netizens commented that this young lady is lucky to have such a supportive dad who wouldn’t hesitate to ask strangers for help, just so she could get a good grade for her project.

supportive dad

Photo credit: World of Buzz

Though the group received the highest number of stats on their project, they only got second place as the ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ only constitute a portion of the final rating. But to netizens, this girl with the supportive dad is clearly life’s winner!

What are Essential Oils Used For?

Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants. They contain volatile chemical compounds (VOCs) that are used for a wide range of medicinal and therapeutic properties, but mostly through inhalation.

Some uses for essential oils include everything from treating headaches, stomach pain, anxiety, skin problems, inflammation, coughs, muscle pain, indigestion, and many others.

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