10 Surprising Uses of Garlic

Garlic, a popular ingredient in a variety of dishes, is a great seasoning to add taste, aroma and added nutrition to your dishes. An extremely versatile food ingredient, it has many surprising uses other than for cooking.

From curing a foot fungus to keeping pests away, garlic has a variety of creative uses that go far beyond cooking. Here are the alternative uses of garlic, according to Little Things.

garlic cloves1. It cleans your face

Packed with allicin, which has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties, garlic serves as a great alternative to chemical-filled facial washes. Simply rub a thin layer of garlic paste on your skin. Leave it for 15 minutes before rinsing and moisturize afterwards.

2.  It cures foot fungus.

Garlic serves as a powerful natural anti-fungal. Get rid of athlete’s foot and foot fungus by soaking in your feet on a bath full of finely crushed cloves of garlic for 30 minutes.

3. It eliminates toothache.

Garlic alleviates the pain caused by toothache. Crush garlic and place it inside the mouth right next to the tooth in pain for relief. Keep in mind that it is only a temporary solution to your problem and that you need to see a dentist for any serious tooth problems.

4. It provides relief for ear infection.

Putting several warm drops of garlic oil into your ear will take away pain and discomfort caused by ear infection because of its antibiotic properties. Consult a physician first before employing this method on a child’s ear.

5. It can remove splinters.

Removing a deep splinter can be easier with the help of a clove of garlic. Simply apply half of a clove of garlic underneath a Band-Aid and leave it on overnight to remove splinters. It also reduces swelling or redness because of its antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties.

6. It de-ices your driveway.

Garlic salt can be used to get rid of ice and snow in your walkway or driveway.

7. It fights acne.

You can fight acne by eating or applying garlic on your acne since it contains various acne-combating nutrients. Don’t forget to dilute the garlic first before applying it on your skin to prevent burning or stinging sensation.

8. It drives away pests.

Garlic can be used to repel pests off vegetables and flowering plants because if its natural repellent nature. Just mix garlic cloves with water and soap, put in a spray bottle and spray on your plants.

9. It will help you catch a fish.

Several fishermen use garlic to catch a fish since its scent is attractive for them. You may put garlic directly on a small piece of shrimp or worm or add it into a rubber lure to catch fish.

10. It cures a cold.

Garlic can be used to prevent or cure a cold since it stimulates the immune system and helps fight viruses.