Dad Adorably Bribed His Daughter To Take Her First Steps Using A French Fry

Having a baby at home is a wonderful experience. If you get to be with the baby every day, you’ll get a chance to witness all the firsts and all the milestones your baby will go through.

As these babies grow older, then all parents can relate when we say that this is where a little bribery won’t hurt. A promise of M&Ms if they get ready for the doctor’s appointment and behave, won’t hurt. Nor will an hour of playing with their iPad if they clean up their rooms. Nor will a French fry if they take their first steps, right?

Twins 1


This lucky dad Ben Hayman, got to experience both. He was able to capture his baby’s first steps while bribing her with a French fry.

“Evie of our identical twin girls Milla and Evie taking her first steps, amazing what girls will do for food haha.”

Ben posted a video of his daughter taking her first steps toward a French fry that he was holding. You can see the joy in the baby’s eye as she take her steps and feel that she is getting closer to her food.

In the first moments of the video, you will see the little girl’s mouth opening and closing as if she was very enticed with the fry that her dad is coaxing her with.

The sweet smile of Evie is apparent as she looks at her dad and enjoy her steps. Evie takes a cautious first step and then looks at daddy. Seeing her daddy smiling and of course seeing the French fry in his hand, Evie takes more steps to reach her food.

Girls would do anything for food, that’s what this daddy proved in a cute way. Don’t feel bad, though, Evie, we totally have your back there! We also have our share of food bribery moments.

Watch the adorable video below:

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