89-Year-Old Woman Regrets Only Taking Few Trips, Now Plans to Visit All National Parks

In life, many of us strive hard to work and work and work just to make sure that we provide our family with everything that they need but end up regretting our choices as we grow older.

One 89-year-old woman recently went viral after planning to visit all the national parks in the United States – all 61 of them! And AirBNB has stepped in to help make her dream come true…

Photo credit: Grandma Joy’s Road Trip / Instagram

It all started out when Grandma Joy Ryan told her 38-year-old grandson Brad that she regrets only taking a few trips in her lifetime. She wished that she could go on more trips even now in her old age.

Knowing that this would surely make his grandma happy, Brad decided to actually make his grandma’s dream come true by offering to take her to all the national parks in the US! Now, that’s a tall order considering that there are 61 of them, yet this young man believes that his grandmother deserves to fulfill her bucket list.

Photo credit: Grandma Joy’s Road Trip / Instagram

So, Brad opened an Instagram account, Grandma Joy’s Road Trip, to chronicle their trips together.

She’s just a few months shy of turning 90 years old but Grandma Joy is determined to complete the 61 national parks and enjoy them all with her grandson. So far, the two have visited 29 US National Parks together, and would go on a road trip again in September.

Photo credit: Grandma Joy’s Road Trip / Instagram

After hearing their story and their wish to visit even the far-flung national parks in Hawaii and Alaska, AirBNB stepped in to offer them a chance to enjoy those trips for free.

For just 500 likes, AirBNB promised to send Grandma Joy and Brad on a trip to Hawaii! And with their IG account already having nearly 21k followers, the ‘500 likes’ requirement was completed in just a matter of minutes!

Now we’re eagerly waiting for her to take us up on the offer to bring some alohas to #grandmajoysroadtrip,” a spokesperson from AirBNB revealed.

Isn’t that exciting? Enjoy your vacations, Grandma Joy!

Photo credit: Grandma Joy’s Road Trip / Instagram

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