Watch: Amazing Cover of “You Raise Me Up” by These Adorable Kids

Two Chinese kids have amazed us with their angelic rendition of “You Raise Me Up” as shared by YouTube user, Cuprum M. Apparently, we’re not alone in our admiration for the video has gone viral, viewed by close to 6.4 million people within just two weeks after it was posted.

It is admirable how these young ones owned the song, creating a soulful rendition that just might bring tears to your eyes.

You might also be surprised to hear their perfect diction of this English song despite them being Chinese. We’re not being racist or judgmental but it is a commonly accepted fact that many Chinese people do not have a good command of English. That’s why it truly amazed us that these kids were able to nail all the words.

For such a difficult song, one might expect these kids to struggle a bit on the high notes yet these two were able to deliver the song with such effortless style that it simply shows they worked hard to perfect their performance.

Some people are not satisfied with the rendition, however, saying this must have been edited using auto-tune. Since I am no expert on auto-tunes, I would rather reserve my judgment on this issue. I leave the decision to you. Please do tell us whether you think these kids’ cover of “You Raise Me Up” was actually auto-tuned to make them sound perfect…


It is amazing what technology can do to create the perfect music. These days, many musicians resort to using the audio processor called auto-tune to alter pitch so that mistakes can be corrected. This tool is quite useful in correcting or disguising off-key inaccuracies, allowing the singer to sound like he/she delivered the song without any errors.

Because the device actually alters the singer’s rendition of the song, a lot of artists have protested against its use in the music industry – especially because it allows non-singers to actually produce their own music albums since they can now sound like they had great voices and seem to sing at perfect pitch despite actually being off-key.