DA Secretary Blasts Media for Overlooking Government Accomplishments by ‘Obsessing’ with Drugs Stuff

If you had been following the news these past months, you would have probably noticed how the media has been reporting about the intensive drug campaign of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte and Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa as well as other negative aspects of this administration.

But is the Duterte administration really just focused on fighting drugs and forgetting everything else? No! There had actually been a lot of accomplishments for the Duterte government but most seem to have been ignored by the mainstream media (and they are wondering why the MOCHA USON BLOG has a high engagement on Facebook).

Tired of the media ignoring the administration’s accomplishments, Department of Agriculture (DA) Secretary Manny Piñol slammed the media for being the ones who were obsessing with drugs stuff and overlooking what the government has actually accomplished so far.


Screenshot from report by CNN Philippines

In a lengthy post on Facebook, he listed some of the accomplishments which had been accomplished by his department alone.

He wrote:

“I called the attention of the media to the performance of the Department of Agriculture over the last 100 Days and pointed out that almost P1-billion worth of interventions, including farm equipment and machineries, livelihood assistance, rice and corn seeds, farm to market roads, fishing boats and other support services were delivered in record time.

Just in a period of 100 Days, the Dept. of Agriculture has already visited and held dialogues with agriculture and fisheries stakeholders in almost all provinces of the country except for about a dozen or so.

More than the roads, equipment, seeds, fishing boats and other livelihood assistance, the Dept. of Agriculture has accomplished monumental and historical achievements.”

Aside from these accomplishments, he also wrote other programs that the DA had achieved.

Piñol, binweltahan ang mediaSinisi ni Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol ang media kung bakit tila naging negatibo ang pananaw ni dating Pangulong Fidel V. Ramos sa unang isang daang araw ng administrasyong Duterte.

Posted by CNN Philippines on Monday, October 10, 2016

  1. Free Irrigation – For the first time in the history of Philippine agriculture, the President of the Philippines has implemented a Free Irrigation policy, benefitting about 2.5-million farming families which inevitably is expected to make rice farming more profitable and the farmers more competitive with their Asian counterparts. This is historic and a radical shift from the irrigation policy where the provision of water is considered a business by government rather than a missionary duty.
  2. Corporate Rice Farming – For the first time, the President has approved a concept of empowerment of the rice farmers by allowing them to deal directly with end users, as in supplying P21-B worth of rice to the 4Ps programs, thus effectively freeing themselves from the stranglehold of the middlemen and traders who manipulate the prices.
  3. Fisheries Development and Protection – For the first time, the country has declared a 3-month closed fishing in all fishing grounds of the country to allow the marine resources to be able to recover and provide more fish for the country.
  4. Employment of Modern Technology – The Dept. of Agriculture has launched a smart phone apps which now allows farmers and fisher folks and other stakeholders to gain access to the different offices of the DA to relay their problems and concerns.

These are staid stuff which do not generate readers’ or viewers’ interest and should just be in the inside pages or mentioned in a by-the-by manner.

But the picture of a woman coddling her slain suspected-drug-pusher-husband gets splashed in the front pages. It’s dramatic and emotional.

Or the reported list of movie stars and actors get prominent space and airtime because these stories sell.

So, who is obsessed with the anti-drugs campaign stuff?

Ask the media. They should know.

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