Japan’s Most Beautiful Truck Driver Hailed for Gorgeous Looks in Manly Job

Many of us see truck drivers are huge, muscular men who might have beards and look a bit intimidating, but in Japan, there’s a gorgeous female truck driver who is making waves on social media for her good looks in this rather manly job she has.

Rino Sasaki had not always been a long-haul truck driver. In fact, she had a thriving career as a traditional dance teacher in Kochi Prefecture, Japan.

Photo credit: Instagram / sr8x4volvo

Life had been mostly traditional for the then 21-year-old Rino but things changed when her father got sick. A long-haul truck driver, Rino’s dad would spend many hours on the road – and she could not bear the thought her dad being alone in those trips as something might happen to him because he’s older now and was sick.

Spending time on the road was the best thing that happened to Rino. She got to spend more time with her dad and she was able to learn a lot of things from him, even about fixing trucks and other things that truckers do.

Photo credit: Instagram / sr8x4volvo

At first, she tried to schedule dance classes on her free time but would soon learn that ‘free time’ is different for long-haul truck drivers whose schedules aren’t fixed.

As she spent thousands of miles on the road, traveling across the country to deliver vegetables and fresh fruits across Japan, Rino learned to love this new career. It was quite cool to be one of the very few ladies in the truck industry.

Photo credit: Instagram / sr8x4volvo

Rino is known as one of the rare ‘tragirls’ or female truck drivers in Japan. To pass time in between trips, she updates her social medial followers of her whereabouts – and she’s actually become a star! A lot of people could not get over the fact that Rino is a real truck driver for long-haul trips! Many were also impressed that she enjoys her job, despite being female in a very manly job.

Despite her small size, she knows how to fix her truck!

Photo credit: Instagram / sr8x4volvo

Her only problem with being a truck driver is that there are very few clothing items she could wear. Safety equipment such as gloves and safety shoes are too large for her. She hopes to change this one day by opening a clothing line for woman working in the commercial trucking industry and similar male-dominated fields.