Tinder Date Gone Wrong: A Tinder Date Asks For His Money Back After the Girl Lost Interest in Him

In the ever-shifting trends when it comes to online dating, the app Tinder, has caused a stir in the online dating world. Instead of the usual question and answer part between the two parties, the best deciding factor is the looks.

Tinder is said to be the fastest growing free dating app in the United States. The app is very popular that users used it for more than 13 billion times. Almost 2 million matches happen every day. Since it is easy to use, users can just browse through photos of their potential mates and message the ones they like. To ensure the legitimacy of the user, each profile is linked to the user’s Facebook profile.

The dating app has become a success since users meet real-life partners who are equally as good looking as they are. But it looks like not all users of Tinder are happy after meeting their potential partners through the app.

Tinder is very popular especially in the US. [Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]

Tinder is very popular, especially in the US. [Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]

Unfortunate Meeting

A Reddit user in the United Kingdom named TriggeredQuilt went for a date with a person from Tinder last Tuesday at Wetherspoons. According to her, everything went well and she thought they are both contented.

She said that things did not work out as they both expected it to be. During the date, she started losing interest so she sent the man a message. She told him that there would not be a repeat of the date night and that she is wishing him the best.

I don’t think we have much chemistry so there won’t be another date.
But it was lovely meeting you and I wish you all the best!

The two spent their time drinking together.

The two spent their time drinking together.

Worst Response

In response, her date said he didn’t have fun either and she was not his type. But that did not end there. The man believed that there is one more transaction that they need to make before they part ways.

He sent her his bank details and asked her to pay him back the £8.30 he’d paid for her drinks.

I think so, already you are not my type. I think it was not a fun evening and I paid £8.30 for your drink.

I thought you would want one of the ordinary drinks. I paid for my drink £1.75, I paid £8.30 for your drink.

This is too much. You drank a huge bottle at the first meeting and I paid this, I didn’t have to pay for it. Please pay this back.

The guy’s response shocked a lot of people. [Image Credit: TriggeredQuilt / Reddit]

The guy’s response shocked a lot of people. [Image Credit: TriggeredQuilt / Reddit]

Is She Going to Pay Him Back?

According to the woman, she doesn’t have any intentions of paying back the lad. According to her, she offered to pay the tabs during the date but he declined.

The lesson from here is Tinder has some interesting people, not every match is gonna be a match in real life and just try not to take them too seriously.

Have you tried using the app too? Do you think it is better than the traditional “meet my friend” routine?

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