Couple Recreates Sweet Photo at Same Spot from 1992 While Wearing the Same Clothes

“Walang forever!” A lot of people these days easily joke about not finding their true love and that even those who are ‘sweet and romantic’ in photos will just break up sometime, sooner or later.

But an elderly couple recently went viral for recreating their sweet photo from 1992, with the picture taken at the same spot they had the lovely snapshot taken. What’s even sweeter is that they made sure to wear the same clothes (or something similar) as the ones they were wearing in that old photo.

Photo credit: Twitter / raymonpuzon

Twitter user @raymonpuzon shared photos of his parents.

So my parents asked me to take their picture so that they could recreate their picture in the same spot from the year 1992 ☹️❤️,” he wrote in the tweet.

The old picture was taken back in 1992 at a marker in Lingayen Beach. The woman was wearing an oversized red t-shirt while the man was wearing a brown shirt over a white one. Both were wearing white pants and topsiders. Raymon’s mom was holding an object that appears to be a thin notebook or a rectangular fan.

In the newer photo, the then-young couple now looks, old but they have surely remained in love all these years! Many netizens found it cute that they recreated the old photo by also wearing similar clothing.

In fact, the mommy’s red shirt appears to be that shirt she was wearing those many years ago; though it is a better fit now that she has grown. They also made an effort to find matching topsiders.

Photo credit: Twitter / raymonpuzon

The photos were really nice. A lot of netizens congratulated the couple for staying in love, commenting how they wish that they could also be like these two – older, better, and still in love!

#RelationshipGoals anyone?

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