What is the Cost of Dying in the Philippines?

As we remember and pay respects to our deceased loved ones this coming All Souls’ and All Saints’ days, let’s also be practical and consider that our time will also come. As they say, nothing in this world is certain, except death.

In order to decrease stress levels of our families during the period of bereavement, you have to financially prepare ahead of time regardless of your age and health status.


To give you a clear view of the cost of dying in the Philippines, here are the prices of a few items one needs to spend on upon the death of a loved one based on a report by ABS-CBN News.

1. Death certificate

Cost: P330 +

You will be needing documents from the physician, which may cost a few hundreds, before you can be issued a death certificate.

2. Funeral Service

Cost: P15,000 and above

This service will cover viewing arrangements.

3. Burial service

Cost: P5,000 to P20,000

This service includes music services, prayer services, transportation as well as security support. Cost will depend on the package you avail and your service provider.

4. Coffins

Cost: P8,000 and above

The price of the casket depends on its material. While simple coffins may cost as low as P8000 at a small funeral parlor, the more intricate ones can cost you millions.

5. Cremation services

Cost: P10,000 to P20,000

Nowadays, many Pinoys prefer cremation services over burial services for ecological and economic reasons.

6. Urns

Cost: P2,500 – P50,000

Cremated remains need to be placed inside urns. Those made with porcelain are usually more expensive that range from P25,000 to P50,000.

7. Memorial Lots

Cost: P65,000 and above

Prices of memorial lots depend on the size, type and your choice of cemetery. For instance, memorial lots which are about 5sqm are priced as low as P65,000, while mausoleum types can cost you millions. For those looking for a cheaper option, they may opt to get apartment-style niches in public cemeteries, which costs as low as P1,000.

8. Crypts

Cost: P25,000

Compared to memorial lots, crypts are more affordable.

9. Food and refreshments

Cost: P3,000 to P20,000

Again, the cost of food and refreshments would depend on the type and amount of food that you will serve. While others are content in serving simple snacks and juices, others hire catering services.

10. Funeral service package

Cost: P15,000 – P250,000

Others consider getting funeral packages in order to cut the cost. Most memorial service providers offer several options for this package.