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Cosplayer Goes Viral after Dressing Up as Foodpanda Driver, Later Admit It’s Actually for Real

A popular cosplayer recently went viral for dressing up as a beautiful Foodpanda driver, but later admitted to being one for real!

Fans couldn’t get enough of Nicky’s announcement, saying that they are now going to order from Foodpanda so that they could meet the famous cosplayer!

Photo credit: Nicky 1/2 Cosplay / Facebook

As long as it’s you who are delivering the food, I will eat it. If it’s not you, I won’t eat the food,” someone commented.

But not too fast; she can’t handle all orders, of course – and she only delivers food in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Going under the handle “Nicky 1/2 Cosplay” on Facebook, the cosplayer identifies as gender-neutral, but a lot of netizens think Nicky is a real girl. In posted photos, Nicky does appear to be so feminine that netizens still believe they are a girl – and wish to prove that by meeting them in person as Foodpanda driver.

Photo credit: Nicky 1/2 Cosplay / Facebook

Photo credit: Nicky 1/2 Cosplay / Facebook

Still, many were puzzled why Nicky would find a job as Foodpanda driver, considering that they posted about a previous job they loved. Plus, being a food service delivery crew isn’t always something you would associate with a dainty-looking woman (she does look like one!).

Nicky shared that they did it because they wanted to avoid their sleazy boss.

Photo credit: Nicky 1/2 Cosplay / Facebook

I heard that working as a Foodpanda delivery rider can earn a lot of money so I decided to give it a try. I need to earn money for my family and also to buy some nice clothes for my cosplay,” Nicky said.

They added that their old boss came up with a lot of excuses to get to touchy; thus, they quit the job and found a new one at Foodpanda.

Photo credit: Nicky 1/2 Cosplay / Facebook

In several posts, Nicky could be seen in the standard Foodpanda deliver rider’s jacket but paired it with some rather short shorts and knee socks. While that might not be standard company uniform, many believed Nicky’s claim of working for the food company.

Photo credit: Nicky 1/2 Cosplay / Facebook

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A cosplayer is someone who wears costumes and fashion accessories to look like favorite characters, particularly in anime, cartoons, and movies.

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