Adorable Toddler Couldn’t Stop Saying Goodbye to Dad

Clad in just his diapers and walking barefoot on the driveway, 1-year-old Carlton is the picture of sweetness and love as he waved goodbye to his dad who was going out to take care of some business. But unlike most goodbyes between kids and their parents, this one was made more adorable by dad’s indulgence on the boy’s adorable “I love you, daddy” and “Be careful, daddy” goodbyes.

This particular goodbye lasted close to 3 minutes – but daddy’s not getting annoyed and the boy wasn’t tired of saying goodbye to his daddy, either. Considering the length of their goodbye, you would think dad was going out to a mission on the moon or some distant planet. LOL.

Screenshot of video by one shotvideos999 / YouTube

Screenshot of video by one shotvideos999 / YouTube

Still, it was a good thing that dad was willing to indulge his baby on these lengthy goodbyes. He surely didn’t mind having to start off late for work or to wherever he was going for as long as his little child knows and feels that he is loved by his dad! How many of us could do that, anyway? This dad would rather be late for work than disappoint a child who clearly looks up to him and loves him so much!

The loving dad even went back to give the boy a final hug even when he’s already halfway up the drive – this surely goes to show just how much these two love each other. We are quite willing to bet that this boy will grow up with a very close relationship with his daddy…

Check out this adorable video and enjoy the longest goodbye ever. LOL.

What is a Toddler?

A toddler is simply a child between age one and three. The world “toddler” is derived from the fact that most kids this age start “to toddle” or walk unsteady; though they actually learn how to walk more steadily as the months pass by.