Christmas Lights Cause Only a Little Interference to your Wi-Fi Signal

Can’t seem to watch that Youtube video in full? Naysayers might blame it on your Christmas lights, but there is no need to take them down now!

The Guardian reports that Ofcom, the UK’s telecom regulator, warned the public that Christmas lights can slow down the Wi-Fi signal. However, the interference it causes may not be as strong as you think.  Although electromagnetic radiation from these Christmas lights is a factor, other devices and appliances may cause even more interference to your Wi-Fi signal.

You see, almost everything is electronic in our home, from the lamp lights to our microwave ovens: they all use electromagnetic waves to carry information or emit energy. This causes interference to the Wi-Fi signal which also uses electromagnetic waves to send information from the broadband router to our computer and other mobile devices. When the electromagnetic waves attempt to travel, this causes “traffic” which causes the Wi-Fi signal to weaken.

As for the Christmas lights you hung outside? There is no need to keep them back in their boxes. They may have a mass of wires that carry a current, but they only create a small electromagnetic field and only causes a little interference.

Christmas Lights at home

Don’t blame your Christmas lights for poor Wi-Fi signal
Photo Credit: Certified Lighting

How to improve your Wi-Fi signal by placing your router in an ideal spot in your home

There are many ways to improve the Wi-Fi signal in your home. Reducing interferences is one, but since everything in our home is already electronic, it might become quite a challenge to do remove some of them.

BT suggests placing your router right in the middle of your home and mount it as close to your ceiling (if possible, on the ceiling) to cover the entirety of your home. Make sure you don’t place it near other electrical goods to avoid interference. If this doesn’t work, check your router and make sure you have an advanced one that can support the latest Wi-Fi technologies and offer significant signal and speed boosts.

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