5 Animals That May Try to Make a Home in Your Yard

For many of us, our yard and the plants that grow there are our pride and joy. There are few better feelings than realizing you have a green thumb and watching everything you plant flourishing and overflowing with life. Naturally, the worst feeling is when something puts your plants at risk or causes them any damage. Unfortunately, this is a frustrating reality when it comes to pests and creatures coming to nest in your yard. Read on to learn about five animals that might be enticed to come and make a home in your garden, and pose a threat to your plant life.

rabbit garden


You might not have expected it, but possums are common household nuisances in certain areas of the United States. These critters may look cute at first, and they are known to help manage other, smaller pests. However, they’re also known for helping themselves to your vegetable garden as a tasty morsel, and also for trampling delicate plants and damaging or even killing them. Possums can also spread diseases into your soil through their urine and faeces, so it’s important to watch out for any unwanted visitors.


A flourishing vegetable garden is like a magnet for wild rabbits who would love to get their paws on your carrots and spinach. Although rabbits are common household pets, they can be pretty dangerous when they’re wild and untamed. Their small size leaves your short plants and flowers vulnerable to these critters.


These creatures are natural burrowers and diggers, so do not be fooled into thinking that they wouldn’t dig up your carefully planted and arranged flower beds, damaging your plants down to the root level. Groundhogs are also creatures that hibernate, meaning that much like the rabbit, they may be inclined to munching on your plants and veggies before burrowing deep down under.


Being about the size of a mouse, you’d think that a vole couldn’t do all too much damage to your garden – but you’d be mistaken. Voles, like many of the others, like to feast on plants which means that your grass and veggies (particularly bulb roots and tubers) are at risk when these fellows are about. You might notice them by the trails they leave in your lawn, a good sign to contact a pest removal company to have these creatures evicted without harming them.


There are hordes of different types of insects that will naturally be living in your yard at any given moment – it’s their natural habitat and where they flourish. However, it’s important to know the difference between bugs that are contributing to your ecosystem, and bugs that cause damage to your yard. Some of the worst that you should look out for include cutworms, caterpillars, potato beetles, mealy bugs, aphids and spider mites. If you notice any strange looking insects on and around your plants, you’ll want to do some research and perhaps talk to a professional at a plant nursery to find out about how to safely remove them.