Cheating Prank Goes Crazy…GF Leaves Prankster!

How far should a guy go to prank his girlfriend?

Yep, I know that jokes and pranks might add some excitement to the relationship but I also believe there are things pranksters should not play with: emotions, especially.

Now, YouTube prankster pair ViralBrothers have posted tons of videos about their pranks, including pranks between Cenek and his girlfriend.

You have to understand that this couple prank each other a lot, yet this is, by far, the craziest, most hurtful prank Cenek has ever played on her.

The reason for the prank? Well, he suspects she is snooping on his phone.

The prank? They set up fake conversations between lovers; then also took a photo with him and another girl on bed – the same bed he shares with his GF! Crazy guy. Then, Cenek would pretend to leave his phone on the table for her to quickly see if a message comes in. Of course, the pranksters made it appear that the other woman is messaging Cenek…

Anyway, the prank began as the two guys had expected…but it soon took the turn for worse!