Boy Hangs Self after Aunt Shares Facebook Photos of Him Wearing Makeup

It all started with a joke, with the family making fun of a 10-year-old boy by putting some makeup on his face and taking some photos – but it ended in the boy’s death some minutes later, after an aunt posted the snapshots on social media!

Jorge Miano, 10, is a resident of Building 5, NHA, Dagupan Extension, Tondo in Manila, Philippines.

According to the police report on the incident, Jorge was with his mother Charie and aunt Eva at around 1:20 PM last Monday, April 10 when his aunt decided to have fun with the young boy by putting on makeup on his face.

Eva later told the boy that she would post the photos on Facebook, revealed Superintendent Alex Daniel of the Manila Police District (MPD) Station 7.

Stock photo by Pixabay

The boy got upset upon hearing that; he ran to his room and locked himself in. According to PhilStar, the aunt posted the snapshots on Facebook.

When several minutes passed and there was no sound from the boy’s room, Charie knocked but grew concerned when she received no answer. After forcing the door open, she was shocked to see that the boy had hanged himself in the room with a piece of cloth!

One end of the cloth was tied to the door jamb while the other was looped around Jorge’s neck. He was already dead and in kneeling position when his mom opened the door.

Charie tried to revive the boy and was forced to rush him to Tondo Medical Center after she failed to revive him; but Jorge was declared dead on arrival at the hospital.

His aunt Eva’s Facebook account has since been deactivated, the police report revealed. But the family later refused to cooperate with the police, saying there was no foul play involved and that no one will be charged in the incident.