Cat Goes Missing for 3 Days, Returns Home with Note from ‘Loan Shark’

A cat goes missing for 3 days. But he returns home with a note from a ‘loan shark’, complete with a phone number that his owner had to contact to pay for the goods he ate! LOL.

‘Loan Shark’ Feeds Cat

Cats are known to be mischievous creatures who have a strong sense of independence. Compared with dogs who are often limited by the fences and walls at their owners’ homes, cats are able to go on more adventures because they can easily climb over walls and even up on the roofs of the houses in the neighborhood.

But one cat in Thailand recently went viral for his adventures that led him to the market where he met a kind ‘loan shark’. The tabby was gone for 3 days, leading his owner Chang Phuak to worry about his well being and where he could be.

While the cat loves to go out of the house to explore the neighborhood, he often returns home at the end of the day. They were worried that he might have lost his way after wandering around. Also, the owners were troubled that the cat had gone hungry in those days that he was not able to go home.

But 3 days later, the tabby returned home and seemed to be so pleased of himself. Instead of looking thin from lack of food, it actually looked so round that it was clear it had found a place to stay that gave him lots of food to eat.

The owners noticed the note on his collar – and had a good laugh after realizing that their cat had found a bountiful feast at the public market!

Your cat kept looking at the mackerels at my store so I gave it 3.”- Aunty May at alley no.2,” said the note stuck to his collar.

In a post on Facebook, Chang Phuak shared his cat’s adventures and jokingly dubbed Aunty May as ‘loan shark’. But he’s thankful, of course, that Aunty May fed the cat with her best mackerels. Netizens think, however, that he’s bound to return there again to ask for some treats. Clever cat!

What’s a Loan Shark?

A loan shark is a person who offers loans at extremely high interest rates. Often, they operate outside of local authority and have very strict collection terms for those who fail to pay up on time.

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