Beautiful Woman Goes Viral after Sharing Photos of Family

A lot of people judge others based on physical appearance – and humans have this ‘standard’ of beauty and have unwritten ‘rules’ about what you should do, who should be or should not be together as a couple, etc.

Of course, everyone is welcome to break out of these stereotypes and many of us don’t mind not following society’s so-called ‘standards’ yet you see a lot of people still judging others based on looks. Some even make nasty comments, even to total strangers!

Take for example the photos shared by a girl who goes by the name/handle “Lucy LuvElla” on Facebook. She hails from Phnom Penh in Cambodia. She is married to a guy who goes by the name/handle Pen Visa on social media.

They share photos on social media about their family, just like everyone else – yet Lucy’s photos went viral because she’s white-skinned and beautiful while her husband is dark-skinned and just ‘average-looking’ or so many netizens commented.

A lot of netizens could not help but comment how lucky this guy is for getting this gorgeous girl to fall in love with him. The two now have a baby together.

In Lucy’s post, she shared some snapshots and captioned it with “My small family.” Their adorable daughter looks like a mix between the two as the cute girl might have darker skin than her mom but has lighter skin than her dad.

Of course, there were also a number of netizens who were angry over the viral post as they believe that this should be made into a big issue because everyone deserves love and happiness, whether gorgeous or average-looking.

What are Norms?

Norms are a standard or pattern that is usual or typical in society, especially related to social behavior.

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