Woman Shares ‘Travel Hack’ to Avoiding Expensive Excess Baggage Fees

A woman shares a ‘travel hack’ to avoiding expensive excess baggage fees at the airport – and it’s making many netizens laugh. Still, some serious netizens are saying that it’s unfair or even dangerous. What do you think?

Woman’s ‘Travel Hack’ for Excess Baggage Fees Goes Viral

Have you ever ridden an airplane but needed to pay a hefty fee for the excess baggage? That can certainly hurt your budget!

Some airlines actually charge a lot for the excess baggage, especially after allowing you to buy a seat for a cheap price.

But wise traveler Gel Rodriguez saves a lot of money through a ‘life hack’ that gets her past the cheap prices of airline seats on Ryanair and other budget airlines – though we aren’t sure if all these airlines allow her to do this every time she travels with them.

While traveling, Rodriguez was faced with a huge charge for her extra clothing.

Instead of paying the charge or discarding her clothes, though, Rodriguez decided to wear as many as she can. After carefully choosing which clothes to put on first, she began layering herself with the excess baggage – and was soon sporting as much as 2.5 kg or 5.5 lbs of clothing.

The strange OOTD includes five shirts, at least three pairs of trousers, and three jackets!

It wasn’t surprising that she described her overall look as “really hot” – and she doesn’t mean the idiomatic expression. It was, we’re quite sure, literally hot!

I didn’t want to pay the fee for the excess baggage because it was only two kilograms (4.4lbs),” she explained.

If I had known it would go viral, I would have posed better.

As you might have guessed, she’s a Filipina. Rodriguez hails from Davao City.

But while her ‘life hack’ worked, she doesn’t really recommend it to everyone.

Maybe not. It was really hot. I don’t recommend other people do it,” she added.

It’s unclear if she had to take the outfits off after passing through the boarding gates…

What’s the Luggage Allowance for Plane Passengers?

This can actually vary, depending on the airline and how much you paid for your seats. Usually, budget airlines or promo seats are cheaper but the luggage allowance is usually smaller.

Some airlines simply let you have a carry-on bag (less than 7kg) but others can allow you check-in luggage for a certain price range.

If you’re traveling, it might be best to pay for check-in luggage when buying the airplane ticket because additional luggage at the airport can cost a lot more.

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