Customer’s ‘Strong’ Note for Courier to Care for Package Goes Viral

A customer’s ‘strong’ note for courier to care for package goes viral, with netizens having a good laugh after he shares the embarrassing exchange with delivery rider.

‘Strong’ Note Goes Viral

customer note goes viral

Photo credit: Christian Jay Beliber / Facebook

It can be quite frustrating to order something online, only for it to arrive broken and damaged due to the courier’s mishandling of the package. What’s sad is that there are so many reports and stories of package mishandling that led to item damage.

There are even posts that went viral, showing how packages are not handled with care by certain courier companies. This is something that has happened in many places, including the US and the Philippines!

Some weeks ago, a local courier went viral for a video that shows workers throwing packages into the delivery van. There were even packages that reached the top of the van! Tsk. Tsk.

It is not surprising, then, that a lot of customers fear for their items when booking through the company. Since many online shops use this particular courier company, many customers got worried that their items might arrive broken.

Netizen Christian Jay Beliber recently shared his rather hilarious experience with the said courier company. After ordering something from an online shop, he realized that his only option is through this courier.

Knowing that there’s a viral video circulating about this company mishandling packages, he made a ‘strong’ note that instructed the staff and delivery rider to handle the package with care or else he would use it to hit their heads.

It was half-joke, of course, but he did not realize that the customer’s note would be printed on the package instructions. When the delivery rider arrived, the guy was apologetic and told Christian that he took care of the package so he won’t get hit in the head.

Because he had forgotten what he had written on the customer’s instructions, Christian was puzzled and just laughed at the guy. It was only after reading what he wrote that he realized why the guy said that. LOL. It worked, though, as the package is intact! Perhaps we should do that with our future packages?

Parcel Damaged by Courier

When a parcel is damaged by the courier, you can claim for the repair cost or even replacement. However, this is not always the case in all couriers. That’s the reason why it is a good idea to pick a reputable courier, especially one that offers insurance for the items, to ensure that your order will arrive safe.