5 Reasons To Follow Your Dream And Become A Nurse

Everyone has a dream at some point. It might be a dream from childhood that helps to shape someone into the person they become. It could be a dream that comes later, after the person in question has already started their career, started a family, or started down one particular path rather than another, and that’s the kind of dream that can more easily be dismissed. It’s hard to follow this kind of dream because everything already seems to have been set out, and a route is being planned. Changing that route will cause problems, upset, and confusion.


Although this might be what you initially think, following your dream is incredibly important, and if you can do it, you certainly should. Imagine always wanting to do or be something else in your life, but never taking the next step because it might be hard or not what other people want. This would be much worse than taking the plunge and trying something different.

Nursing is a dream that many people have, but they don’t follow because they feel they are expected to do something else, or they think the career prospects or money just aren’t good enough. In many cases, this is far from the truth. Read on to discover just why you should follow your dream and become a nurse if that is what you want to do. 


Money is always going to be important, and if you are currently earning what you need or more than you need, then switching your career and going back to school can be a frightening idea. How will you manage with less money, or potentially no money at all?

Luckily, you won’t have to. Regarding accelerated BSN nursing programs can be studied online and at your own speed, meaning you can fit it around your current job and other commitments. It might take longer to get to the end of your studies and earn your nursing degree, but this is far better than never starting at all, and this way, you can still earn money from your regular job.

When it comes to the money that a nurse can earn, this might surprise you. Although they do tend to earn less than many people feel they are worth, that doesn’t mean they don’t earn a decent enough salary, and certainly one that, once you know what it is and can plan ahead, shouldn’t be a barrier to you following your dream.


Nurses are able to claim all kinds of extra benefits through their work, which will also make the idea much more palatable and possible one for many. It will depend on your experience and the areas you choose to work in, but there is plenty of career progression, for example, which means not only can you increase your wages, but you can take on more responsibility and be proud of the knowledge and skills you have.

There will also be good health insurance included, and if you are currently paying for this yourself, you will find you can even save money. Then you need to include the 401(k) that all nurses are entitled to as well. Even if you get into nursing in a part-time capacity, you can still benefit from a great deal of excellent extras that will help make your life much easier.


There is always going to be a need for nurses all around the world, so it is the ideal career to study for and gain experience in if you also have a dream of traveling. Imagine being able to fulfill all your dreams at once, and become a nurse in a number of different cities, states, or even countries. You will be able to choose exactly the right place for you to live and enjoy your life, knowing that you’ll always be able to find work as a nurse wherever you go.

You may need to carry out some additional training, as each country will have variations in qualifications and experience required. However, this is a small price to pay if you want to move to another country and still enjoy the wonderful feeling that comes with helping people as a nurse.

It won’t matter where you live; you can still ensure your dream comes true. 

Friends For Life

As an adult, it is very difficult to make new friends. You might have acquaintances or people you are happy to hang out with, but real friends about whom you know everything and vice versa, are much harder to come by.

When you are a nurse, this is not the case. As a nurse, you will easily be able to make friends, and those new friends will be friends for life. This is because you have to work so closely with one another for the good of the patient, and you will be spending a lot of time together. Rather than only knowing the surface of someone, you will know your colleagues much more deeply, and this is how great friendships are made. 


Happiness is one of the most important areas of anyone’s life. If you are happy, everything else can fall into place around you, and even if things do go wrong, the positivity you have in your life means you will be able to work out a good solution rather than panicking and worrying and thinking the worst. Being happy really does change your attitude, and this can change your life.

If you want to be truly happy and not have any regrets – or very few – you do need to follow your dream where possible. By doing this, you know you are doing everything you can to make your life exactly how you want it to be, and this power and control is exciting and, again, it will make you happy.

It might be easier to try to ignore your dreams and just continue down the path you are on, but over time the regret you feel about not at least giving it a try, it might make you uncomfortable and discontented with your life. If you want to be happy and your dream is to be a nurse, then it is worth taking the time and effort to follow that dream. It will make such a difference to your life.