Baby Survived on Roaches after Mom Dies in Shower

For 2 weeks or so, a 1-year-old baby survived by eating the cockroaches swarming the floor in their apartment after her mother died in the shower. While the poor kid had to cope with what was available on the floor, the heartbreaking scene brought tears even to the investigators’ eyes.

Based on their investigation, the child’s mother Sandra Jones slipped in the bathroom and hit her head on the tub, leading to hemorrhage in her brain. They believe that she died immediately. With her mother gone and no one to take care of her, the child’s survival instincts kicked in.

Since there were plenty of roaches on the floor, she began picking them for food. It was also believed that she got water from the toilet since it was the only open door in the apartment.

Photo credit: News 4 KTLA

Photo credit: News 4 KTLA

Family members who began to get worried after not hearing anything from Sandra asked apartment superintendent Ronald Megan to open the door. The superintendent was shocked to discover the apartment in disarray, plenty of dead roaches on the floor, and the child covered in her own urine and feces.

The apartment also smelled of Sandra’s decaying body. Investigators estimate that she had been dead for at least 2 weeks. They believe that the baby would have also died if there were no roaches for her to eat.

It’s a miracle she’s alive. I mean she ate the roaches because she was starving. That little girl knew what to do to survive. The house was absolutely disgusting, but thank God. If these roaches weren’t here that little girl would be dead,” the superintendent said.

The baby was brought to the hospital; she was discharged the following day.

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